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15 Best Christian Apps of 2020

Best Prayer Apps

7. Echo

Echo lets you keep a list of every single one of your prayers.

You can add as many prayers as you want, organize them into groups, delete old prayers, and even mark prayers as answered so you can see how God is working (and remember to thank Him!).

8. Prayer Notebook

Ever told a dear friend or family member that you’d pray for him or her, but because of the busyness of everyday life you forgot?

It happens to the best of us, but there is a convenient way to remember all of the daily prayers you want to make.

Prayer Notebook is an iPhone app that allows you to set daily reminders so you can make all the prayers you intend to.

It also synchs with email and social media, so you can send a quick message telling a friend that you just finished paying for him or her. All prayers are password protected.

9. PrayerMate:

This useful app allows you to keep track of prayer requests. You enter the names of people you plan to pray for, and the app pops up index cards each day to remind you.

You can easily organize the time and way you pray, and you can subscribe to online prayer diaries from your church.

It includes a reminder clock, photo attachment, and a downloadable prayer gallery. Find it on iPad, iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire.