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Signs of a Man Not Ready For Marriage


Hello, my fiance and I have been together for almost 5 years now, and have had several break ups during that time. To my knowledge he has never physically cheated on me but he has a problem with communicating inappropriate with other women via email, text, and social media sites. I called off our wedding because months before we were to say I do, I began to get emails and messages from women who he had been having cyber/telephone relationships with. One of the women sent me almost a months worth of screen shot messages of conversations she had been having with him, he denied our relationship/engagement told her how much he loved and missed her and all kinds of stuff. To my knowledge they hadn’t seen each other they only talked via phone and exchanged text messages and emails. The sad part about it is that wasn’t the first time this had happened during our relationship. Once I called the wedding off he claimed to be done with all the other women and he wanted to seek counseling, so I agreed we went for a few sessions and he admitted to having an “attention seeking problem” he claimed to be  willing to do the necessary things to correct his problem. I felt like at that point all trust was gone, we talked about it and I told him that in order for me to regain trust in him I needed proof that he had changed, I requested the pass-code to his phone, email and facebook accounts, well here we are 6 months later and he still has refused to give me that information. Then he keeps his facebook page on lock and key, no one can tag him in anything, he even has his privacy settings set up to where if I post a picture of us or something on his page only certain people can see (but I guess he doesn’t know that I can see that).

I’m at my whits end with this man and I think these are all signs of a man who needs to grow up and is not ready for a committed relationship or marriage.

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