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Dear Single Ladies,

The Lord has put it on my heart to share these truths with you. I hope that it will be an encouragement to you and I hope that together we can renew our minds concerning marriage.

1. You shouldn’t be ashamed to desire marriage.  

The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2:18

It can sometimes feel selfish to want to be married, but marriage is a blessing that God wants you to desire. Simply wanting to be in a relationship with physical benefits without the covenant is selfish, that is the way of our culture.

But God’s way raises the bar and calls us to be in true covenant. As we delight in the Lord, we will see his heart in the institution of marriage and truly desire it. In the beginning when God created the world, he said that everything was good except for the fact that Adam was alone.

In today’s culture, when we are alone we try to fill that void with unequally yoked relationships, experiences and even careers, but when God saw that Adam was alone he gave him a wife.

If anyone ever tries to make you feel selfish for wanting marriage, gently remind them that it was God’s idea.

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Nina Borum
Nina Elaine Borum is a speaker, author and coach. She loves to encourage, inspire and motivate women. Nina currently resides in Nashville.


  1. Be encouraged, there is a time for this event 🙂 being single is for a purpose…everything falls well in God’s timing Fredah Abigael Joses Michaeline Sunamist Alo Sibz Zey’Dee Wayne Caroline Mendai Lillyean V Daniells

    • I’m always praying for you!!! One day , you will be amazed with the man of God our Father brings you because of your faithfulness! Love you girl!, Leighnia Nance! Keep the faith!
      Hebrews 10:23 < +><

  2. I learned to die to self, including my desires, and as soon as I did that, God told me, I have your promise, seek my kingdom first and everything else will come! I’M SOLD!!! THANK YOU JESUS!! I trust God that whoever He places in my path is going to be more then I can ever hope for, that is my God!!!

  3. Nothing can prevent the Lord’s blessingn on me .TQ God for everything most of all love hope joy peace.Tq Lord for a bright future and family
    I place all my needs before u lord
    Tq lord for everything and providing for me.I claim your blessings n favour Jesus.Be powerful in me .

  4. Who puts the desire in your heart?
    Your not your own your bought
    Our God is Great he makes no mistakes.
    Praise you Lord God for your devine intervention and Loving kindness you are God alone. You said you take care of the sparrows an youd care for us, Love You Lord !!!

  5. Lord today I just wanna thank you..for providing me with a job after being jobless for a long time..father thank you for being an awesome father that you are..thank you for taking care of me..thank you for blessing me despite my failure to do your will..God I can’t even find enuf words to thank each and everyone here at their points of needs..provide for them in the mighty name if Jesus my Lord and savoir Amen

    • Our God is really an awesome..he is just and faithful to do as he promised to do in our lives.. He will provide for you.. He is Jehovah Jireh..just stay prayed up and be still knowing he is soon to come through for you..I’m a living testimony of his grace and mercy.. it really know no limits…I pray he gives you a job as you put your faith in him..Amen

    • Amen Lady’s. Beautiful testimony. God is amazing and always know the best for us. No matter the time it will take. He will fulfill all the promesses. Father bless them more and more.

    • Amen…Lord you are a great Father.. we thank you for moving in our lives.. we thank you for answering our prayers.. we thank you for opening doors..for making a way even where there seems to be none..Jesus woke up Lazarus from death..there is nothing you can’t do..Father we bless and glorify your mighty name…Amen


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