5 Influential Women of The Bible

women in the bible

Abigail – 1 Samuel 25

There is much to be learned from this lesser-known heroine in the Bible and lady of faith.

Abigail’s story can be found in 1 Samuel 1:25. While she is described as beautiful in the Bible, unlike many other women referenced in the Old Testament, she is also described as “intelligent”, “clever” or “of good understanding”.

On top of having beauty and brains, she was also brave. She was a humble woman, married to a wealthy but unscrupulous man named Nabal.

She used her wisdom, along with her wealth to plead for the safety of her husband’s household. David, the future king of Israel, swore to seek vengeance after being insulted by Nabal, but was so moved by Abigail’s humble plea, that his heart turned.

The next morning Abigail told Nabal that she had taken an offering to David and by doing so turned back the king and his 400 soldiers. Nabal was shocked to learn that his whole household could have been destroyed. So shocked, in fact, that the Bible says his heart died within him and he became as stone. Within 10 days he was dead.

When David heard the news that Nabal was dead he sent for Abigail to become his wife. David saw within her a virtue of honesty and desire to protect her family.

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