5 Sure Signs You’re Settling in Your Relationship

settling in relationships

“I love him, but…”

Hands up if you’ve ever said this? If you have, chances are you may be “settling” for the wrong relationship.

In life, settling is a common problem. Some of us settle for jobs that we can’t bear another minute of, or a living situation that is less than ideal.

And some of us even settle in relationships. Relationships with people who make us question why we ever got into a relationship with them in the first place.

Women in particular can feel pressured to settle. Whether by relatives (“Why are you still single?”) or their coupled-up friends, or simply because they are scared that the right person will never come along.

But none of these are good reasons to get into a relationship. Not only do you run the risk of feeling unhappy and unfulfilled, but by settling for a relationship you know isn’t good for you, you could be allowing that person to fill a space in your life that God has appointed for someone else.

Settling is usually brought on by fear. Fear that you won’t meet a great guy. Fear that you won’t ever get married. Fear of being alone for the rest of your life. Fear of starting over.

If you are dating from a place of fear, you will probably end up settling, and you won’t be honoring your true core values in a relationship. If you settle, you suffer in the long run.

Compromise, on the other hand, is important in any relationship. You are two people coming together with different habits, lifestyles, and desires. So you’re going to have to compromise at some point in your relationship.

For example, you are an animal lover, but your mate is not at all. The two of you will have to come to a mutual agreement for the sake of the relationship.

When you are the only one compromising in your relationship, you are no longer compromising, you are settling.

If you’re not sure if you’re settling,  here are 5 sure signs you’re settling in your relationships…

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