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5 Tips For Getting Through the 5 Stages of Grief

1. Denial (Disbelief):

Here we refuse to accept what has happen. We block it out and escape from it, which can cause habit forming, addictive behaviors and drama in our lives to keep us away from reality. 

What can I do? Talk to God, PRAY.  Admit it to him or allow him to reveal your denial.

2. Anger (Turned Outward):

Here we are angry at what has happened to us. We feel that this thing that has happened has ruined use. You may feel out of control, and you may feel angry at a person or even God.

What can I do? First, pray about it. Admitting is the key; even if you are angry with God, tell him. If you are angry with a person, go to him/her in love; don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Find an activity that will help you through your anger: journal writing. Release that anger to prevent build up within you.