7 Things Women of Today Can Learn From Ruth

Scared Of The Unknown

A brief background of Ruth to appreciate her story:

Ruth is not your ideal woman.

She was a Moabite. Moabites were descendants of Lot from an incestuous relationship with his oldest daughter. 

Ruth was looked down upon because she was a woman (women were once considered a property, a little higher than cows in their society)

She’s a widow.

She remained faithful to her mother-in-law, Naomi. Braving the nasty things people said about her and the cruel treatment she received, she went out to glean the barley fields of her late husband’s kin Boaz.

Boaz heard of Ruth’s goodness from his people. 

Boaz saw how Ruth cared for her mother-in-law.

Boaz had known Ruth’s loyalty, diligence, determination, and perseverance.

Naomi advised Ruth to dress up and sleep at Boaz’s feet. 

The rest as they say is history.

Here are 7 Things We Can All Learn From Ruth:

1. Ruth’s priority was on a life of service.

Ruth didn’t wait for someone to redeem her after her husband died leaving her with no children. Sort out your priorities. Don’t wait for other people—especially for men to validate your existence.

2. Loyalty and selflessness are always rewarded.

She cared for Naomi and never left her side which eventually led her to Boaz.

3. Be confident with who you are.

Ruth never let rumors and gossip stop her from going out there and getting what she needed. She ignored the whispers. She knew she was being judged because she didn’t fit in with society’s standards. She had more important things to think about; she had no time for petty things and petty people. 

4. Be diligent, persevering, and determined.

Ruth worked harder than the others, which Boaz noticed.

5. Be a woman of character.

Boaz told Ruth: “All my fellow townsmen know that you are a worthy woman.” What can be more flattering than that? 

You can’t control your reputation, because everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

You can’t control other people’s impression of you. Don’t even waste your time trying. Been there and done that. However, you do have full and total control of your own character. 

Be someone your Boaz can be proud of. Be someone you yourself can be proud of. 

Carry yourself with dignity.

6. Stop chasing people.

Don’t be desperate. Boaz praised Ruth’s loyalty saying, “You have not gone after a younger man, whether rich or poor.” 

7. Follow the advice of the wise.

Ruth knew she could trust Naomi so she followed her advice. Which turned out to be an effective one because Boaz married her after that.

Ruth may not be every man’s fantasy girl, but she’s every man’s ideal wife, judging by her character.

People might have treated her like trash, but her character shined so brightly that a man of integrity like Boaz saw what a gem she was.

Don’t just sit there and wait around for your Boaz. Ruth never did. 

She lived a life of service and the Lord rewarded her.

For He is faithful, and His timing is perfect.

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There is a book called: lady in the waiting
Its for single christian women and all looks at the life of Ruth!!
I would recomend it to all you beautifull christian single ladies (even those in a relationship want to read it)
Im reading it now and it completely changed the way i look at being single

I love the story of Ruth, Esther, Mary…wonderful women of the Bible. This devotional is very true. A godly man truly does seek a woman of godly character patterned after the life of Jesus. When your light shines, God is pleased but people do watch. Men do want the real woman….if they are not of the world.

I hate hearing about Ruth…I like her story but they said don’t be desperate but ignore that she slept at his feet….she put herself out there…she did not wait to be approached

He had already approached her in the fields. She was being obedient to her mother-in-law who knew the customs. These were her people, not Ruth’s.

He already wanted her? Where does it say that?

Boaz didn’t act on anything until after he made sure that the proper people had been contacted. Another man was a closer relative and he wanted Ruth as well but he had children and he decided not to take Ruth for his wife as it would decrease his children’s inheritance. Boaz knew Ruth was a woman of character and as soon as he could legally marry her, he did. And God honored that union with a child.

I remember that part….my thing is Ruth had already laid at his feet

At her mother-in-law’s instruction.

but it was the way things were done back then & actually Boaz had already saw Ruth in the field & told his workers to leave grain for her

… I don’t really like about the mother in law… I had a mother n law like Marie on ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’


Rhondeen Nicole It does read it again… its a good story …HABN

This bible commentary might bring some clarity to why this custom was acceptable and appropriate for Noami to suggest and for Ruth to follow: . Boaz and Ruth’s union ultimately led to the birth of David and later Jesus. I wouldn’t expect God to bring Boaz and Ruth together under ordinary circumstances. Or to record their relationship in scripture if there wasn’t something about it that required blind faith to accept, even if we don’t understand.

I like tge story oc Ruth and the way she led her life all the way with her mother in law Naomi till she net Boaz.

Sherri Brown Stegall, I wasn’t there last Thursday but thought this might have been some things covered…..???

Reading the Bible brings me JOY and comfort!❤

I love this♥

Wise words indeed.

Wonderful. Amen

Boaz is written inside my husband’s wedding band



Thank you a lot


Thank you Jesus Amen

Amen to that!!!

Hallelujah !!! Praise The Lord !!!❤✡


I love the story of Ruth.


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