8 Ways to Stay Hopeful When You’re Hurting

woman with hope

3. God will lead you out of darkness

Hold onto the promise that God will never, ever leave you (Hebrews 13:5) and that no one can snatch us out of His hand when we believe in Jesus (John 10:28).

With His help, we can find the grace to move out of our pain into the light.

The Old Testament heroine Ruth did this, choosing compassion and courage over fear and grief when she left her homeland and accompanied her mother-in-law to Israel.

As we walk with Him, we begin to see that, in fact, God Himself is the light that leads us through the darkness.

We don’t have to live in the darkness of bitterness or anger. We can grab hold of the light and face the very things that are causing us grief, because we’re not alone.

4. Find freedom in God’s Word

Replace lies such as “I’m not good enough” Or “I will never be happy” with the truth of scripture.

Any time you notice a negative thought creeping into your brain, review God’s truth and replace the lies with the Word of God.

Over time, God will begin to heal your faulty thinking and you can find freedom. His word is a living, powerful thing!

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