Divorce School Required for Oklahoma Couples With Children


Under a new bill signed into law last week in Oklahoma, couples who wish to divorce and have children will be required by law to go through an education program before their divorce is granted. The law will go into affect in on November 1, 2014.

The sponsors of the bill, state Representative Jason Nelson (R) and Senator Rob Standridge (R), say the purpose is to educate parents about the effects of divorce on children as well as advising them about reconciliation. Senator Standridge stated, “If you are going through the whole divorce process and have kids, if we can do anything to keep people together, we should. Marriage is a lifelong contract with the the state and with your children.”

The divorce education program will cost $45-$60 for couples and they have 45 days to complete the program after receiving a temporary order from the court. Couples are given the option to opt out of the program if they are able to show compelling circumstances.