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How Do I Learn To Let Go And Heal My Heart?


Dear Praying Women,

I am a recently divorced mother of 3. I was married for 20 years. He is a military man and that is a challenging life in itself.

It was towards the end of his career and the beginning of another move that he informed me of his unhappiness.

Our marriage was like most people, had it’s ups and downs but I always believed that with work and communication we could persevere and make our marriage what we always envisioned it could be.

The day the kids and I arrived to what was to be our New home is the day he informed me of his unhappiness and wanting a divorce.

I was stunned. I fought it for a better part of 6 months, but I quickly realized I was the only one fighting for our marriage.

I lived in housing and he lived in the barracks and only saw the kids on the weekends. I started working and going about my life and then the divorce papers came. He informed me that since I was now financially stable, he could move on with his life.

It’s been a year and a half and a bitter battle. I still feel betrayed and abandoned.

He has had a girlfriend for a year and is now engaged. I have never met her even though she spends time with our children.

Although they are not babies, I find this totally disrespectful. But he doesn’t see it that way.

I want to find peace within my own heart and forgive him. It is so hard to do. I still mourn for my life and my family. I still cry. He moved on so easily. How do I let go of the hurt and the pain?

Please pray for me to find peace in this situation. 

The Praying Woman
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