Get Ready For Christian Matchmaker Reality Show ‘It Takes A Church’


Think of it as a “The Bachelor” (Church Edition). Members of a Christian congregation will play matchmaker in a competition to help an unattached fellow parishioner find their match. In each episode, ‘It Takes A Church’, visits a congregation from across the country to surprise one unsuspecting single with the news that they’re about to be saved from the dating world. The church’s Pastor will task their congregation of cupids to find the best possible matches for the dater. At the end of the matchmaking competition, the unattached parishioner will decide which suitor to put his or her faith in. The network has ordered eight episodes of the series, which is scheduled to debut in mid-2014.

The show will be hosted by Gospel Superstar, Natalie Grant.

“I’m so excited to host It Takes A Church,and have the opportunity to interact with churches all across America to bring a family friendly show based on Christian faith and values,” says Natalie Grant. “Church has been such an anchor and source of hope in my own life, and I look forward to showing the sense of community that can be found in the local church.”

With recent shows like the ‘The Sisterhood’, ‘Preacher’s Daughters’, ‘Preachers of LA’, and ‘Church Rescue’, I guess it’s safe to Church Reality Shows are the new thing. -_-