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Is God Paying Me Back For Being So Promiscuous?


Hello, I’m confused, hurt, and ready to give up. Years ago, I was very promiscuous. I’m not proud to admit that I participated in adultery. I didn’t care if a man was married or not. It was only sex to me. I met my now husband when he was married to his ex-wife, we fell in love, he got divorced, we got married, and ever since it’s been only him. I have been faithful. Him on the other hand, has been cheating on me with one of his employees. You can’t imagine how hurt I was to find out. Everyone keeps saying that God is paying me back for all the husbands I slept with. But what I don’t understand is why even try to change if it’s just gonna catch up to you in the end? If I had known that I would be in these shoes, I never would have gotten married. Is God really paying me back? Should I even fight for my marriage or just accept it as a lesson learned?

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