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Open Letter: How Do You Forgive Someone Who Is Responsible For Changing Your Life For The Worst?


In 2008, I was in a car accident. A driver ran right through a red light at an intersection and hit me. I spent 2 months of my life in the hospital rehabilitating, but never gained function back in my legs. I’m told that I will never walk again. After the accident the driver reached out to me and my family to apologize. But I have too much hate in my heart to forgive her. I mean, how can you forgive someone who is responsible for changing your life for the worst? It’s easy for someone who hasn’t walked in my shoes to say I should forgive. My family and friends all tell me I should forgive because the bible says I should forgive. But the bible also says that God will protect us from harm. I don’t know what to think anymore. Just tired!!!


TPW Writes:

I truly sympathize with your loss, because such a life changing event is considered to be a loss. However, I strongly believe that God will not allow any of us to leave this earth until we have served our purpose. You are still here for a reason. There’s a reason God did not allow you to die in that car accident. There’s something He still needs for you to do. You just have to pray and ask God to reveal it.

Even if God allowed you to walk again tomorrow, You would not be completely happy as long as you were carrying around all that hate in your heart. You said you’re tired. Well, (believe it or not)  hatred does weigh us down . It’s a heavy load, God never intended for us to carry. I pray that God puts forgiveness in your heart! God bless you!