Prayer Request: My Sister Is a Lost Soul

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Hello Saints,

I am asking that you pray for my sister Melinda. She’s a lost soul right now. We were raised in the church and are Preacher’s daughters. I’ve always looked up to my sister but lately I can’t stand her! Up until a few months ago, she led a very powerful teen ministry started in our church and later blossomed outside of the church. She has touched so many lives and brought so many souls to Christ. What I don’t understand is how can you just walk away from all of that. She’s currently dating this guy who is married, who happens to be a friend of our brother (who does not know). The guy and his wife attend our church but my sister somehow has strayed away from the church. Haven’t been in a couple of months. I offer to meet with her just she and I to read our bible and pray, but she always has so many excuses. I am the only one who knows about this and it is wearing me thin. Please pray that my sister realizes her worth. Pray that she prays for forgiveness so that she can forgive herself and begin to minister to others again. Thank you!