Single Ladies: 3 Simple Ways to Recognize Your Boaz

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Have you ever prayed, “Lord, show me if He’s the One! And if he’s not, remove him from my life!” If so, I’m here to tell you those words are not the best way to recognize your Boaz.

Here’s why:

Most women who pray this are leaving it up to some supernatural sign, when God wants you to have wisdom and discernment so you can make the best choice.

They say things like:

He prayed over his food, so I figured he’s a God-fearing man

I’ve never had a man quote scripture to me to encourage me before. He must be The One!

He liked me, so I gave him a chance. 

He said he’d marry me tomorrow if I stopped being so demanding, so I let him be the man, even though I felt like I was suppressing myself.

What if you didn’t have to look for signs or change who you were, and instead had a clear map to choose the best man for you? It’s possible!  Here are 3 tips to help you get started:

1) Take it one date at a time

It’s hard to get to “I do” if you can’t get a date. Who you choose to marry is a big decision, so break it down into smaller decisions such as do you want to go out on another date? Do you want to be exclusive? Do you want to commit and begin courtship?

Most people skip these steps. They go from, “I like you,” to “I can see myself marrying you,” and end up missing important red flags along the way. Sometimes there aren’t any red flags, but there are yellow lights that should cause you to pause and ask if you’re making the right decision.

Resist the urge to look at each man you meet through marriage eyes and instead focus on the present before you imagine a future with him.