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The Beauty of Prayer- Why Valentine’s Day Is So Special

A woman with her eyes closed

A woman with her eyes closed

I love the fact that Valentines Day will always be a special day in my life regardless of my relationship status.

Six years ago, I remember sitting in a church service thinking to myself ‘But why God? Another Valentines Day and l’m still single! Seriously though God, what happened to you giving me the desires of my heart because l don’t understand where my saved younger version of Richard Gere with a slight hint of Sheldon Cooper is right now’.

I was feeling very sad and broken, I might have been in tears, okay l was crying but then the most amazing thing happened to me!

There l was praying on and on in my own understanding and suddenly l started speaking in a language l didn’t understand. Right there and then l knew a transformation had taken place over me and l had experienced a level of truth beyond me.  At that moment Psalm 34:18 became a reality to me:  

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and He saves those who are crushed in spirit.

I had heard of speaking in tongues before but l never quite understood it because l had never experienced it … but there l was marveling at His glorious splendor realizing how much He knows me and loves me. 

Ever since that day l fell in love with talking to God, I pray about everything! I’m that girl that if you do anything to me, l’ll tell on you in prayer because l’m daddy’s little girl like that. Do l always get my way? Of course not! Because sometimes it’s my heart that needs changing not the person l’m telling on.

For me that is the beauty of prayer, the fact that we can tell God everything, be totally vulnerable in His presence and end up feeling whole with overwhelming peace. My relationship with God is honestly the best relationship l have. Needless to say l have failed Him many times, but He never stops being the love of my life every day of my life.

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