You’re Praying… But Has God Already Answered?

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A mans heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. – Proverbs 16:9

Have you ever ignored God? By that I mean, you pray for answers about a situation. But when God gives you an answer which is not pleasing to you, you convince yourself that it couldn’t possibly be the answer God wants you to hear.

You continue to ignore His signs. That is, until you get that “Can You Hear Me Now?” moment.

Years ago, I was working a job that required me to work weekends. So this meant that I couldn’t attend weekly services on Sunday.

I prayed on the situation. I asked God to make a way for me to attend services on Sunday.

Shortly after, I had a talk with my boss and explained to him my dilemma. He explained that because I was a supervisor he needed someone on the weekends, but if I was willing to step down from my position, he would offer me a position which would allow me to have weekends off.

Problem was… I couldn’t afford to take a pay cut (or so I thought).

After long thought and consideration, I declined the position. Now it was officially time to start my job hunt.

Not long after, I received another job offer which offered weekends off. The only problem was that the commute was a bit much. So what did I do? I turned the job down.

A week later I was offered a position with another company. The problem with that one was… I wasn’t thrilled about having to travel to another state to complete the training.

This meant I would be away from my daughter for 2 weeks. As a single mom, this just didn’t sit well with me. So once again, I turned down another position.

Were these job offers the answers to my prayer? Well…a few months later, I was let go from my job. So I guess one could say…that God was saying “Can You Hear Me Now?”

It didn’t take me long after to realize that  God had answered my prayer, just not exactly the way I wanted Him to. I asked God to make a way for me to attend services on Sunday. He did that! Not once, but three times.

Understand that when we pray, God does not always answer the way we have it all planned out in our head. He answers with His best. We may not realize it at the time, but trust and believe He does not make mistakes.

God will answer your prayer, but He will do it His way, for His reasons, and in His timing!

Have you ever had a “Can You Hear Me Now” Moment?

Maya L. Ralston

Maya is a Relationship Counselor and Certified Life Coach. She loves using her God given gifts to pour into the lives of others.

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