5 Tips to Stay Encouraged During Unemployment

woman job search
Hunting for a job can be difficult, especially when the search drags on for weeks, months or even years. Here are five tips that will help you remain positive as you look for the position that will be just the right fit. A job search is...

Why You Should Include God in Your Business Plan

We often make plans when we want to do something. We’re told to do what we want to do, but what if that’s not what we’re suppose to do?   The Bible addresses this in James 4: 13-15. We are advised not to boast about what...

A Woman With Goals: 3 Ways to Start, Stay, and Finish Strong

It’s the beginning of the 3rd month of the year, and it seems that the New Year is no longer new after all. I can’t believe we are halfway through the first quarter already. Usually, at the beginning of a new year, some people...


  ***WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICANTS FOR THIS POSITION***   Blogger Part-Time Compensation: TBD If you have a strong passion for Christ and a passion for writing this position could be for you! The Praying Woman is a fast growing Christian Website and we're looking for a blogger to join our team. THE RIGHT...

3 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Overworked or Overwhelmed

Whatever you are going through, God is right there with you.

3 Easy Tips To Maximize Your Budget

"Plant in the spring, or beg in the fall." ---Jim Rohn If you want to harvest, you need to plant.  If you want to reap, you have to sow.  If you want to have enough in the time of famine, you have to save some...

3 Ways To Deal With Mean Bosses

Not everyone is blessed to work with a good boss. For most, work is tedious and stressful. Common reason is not because of the nature of their job but because of their horrible bosses. Every day, they would drag themselves to work with heaviness in...


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