2 Wrongs Do Not Make a Right


I know you have probably heard this question before, “Do 2 Wrongs Make a Right?” The answer is emphatically no! When you have two wrongs you simply have two wrongs. The is especially true when it comes to disagreements or should I say arguing.

When you find disagreements and arguments creeping up as a part of your life, take a step back and assess the situation. Yes, assess the situation. It may feel strange doing this if you are used to protecting yourself with your words.  However, if you want to lessen the arguments and disagreements you have in your relationships, stop, and take an assessment before blasting out words you cannot take back.

In the midst of a disagreement both parties think they are right. Each stands their ground to prove their point and show who’s wrong.

Once spoken, hurtful words cannot be taken back. In the heat of an argument words spoken can be cutting and hurtful. Once the fussing is over you are left trying to make amends and clean up the damage. It takes effort and self restraint but it is sooo much easier to take stock of what you are about to say before it parts your lips than to go back and try to mend strained relationships, hurt feelings, and broken hearts because words were spoken from a place of rage.

When in a relationship with another person whether it’s a parent, spouse, or child don’t let yourself get to a place of rage where you have no guard over the things that are coming from your mouth. In a moments time you can go from peaceful blitz to crazy rage. In that situation it is not the other person’s fault, they did not make you do that. If control cannot be established over “going there” then that is a personal issue that needs some attention.

Two wrongs do not make a right. You just end up with two wrongs. Take time to listen. Sometimes people just need to be heard. Listen, sometimes there’s a cry for help disguised in a rant. Listen, sometimes there’s an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Listen, with ears to understand and a heart to heal rather than an ear to condemn and find fault. A gentle answer turns away wrath. But a mouth that spews venom only adds to the poisonous mix. We all have to begin somewhere. The best place to begin is from the point you stand at today. The good thing about today is that it’s a doorway to your future.

There will be times when you disagree with another person but arguing, fussing and heated disagreements do not have to be a regular part of your future. It is possible to live a peaceable life without these things. The next time you feel an argument stirring, stop, take assessment of the situation and handle it with good care.