3 Things to Expect When You Are Chosen by God

2. Tests and Trials will not consume you

Don’t find it strange if you are living according to God’s word and it seems like everything around you is falling apart.

Sometimes God needs to bring us to a place where all we can do is trust and depend on Him.

Know that God is in complete control and whatever you are going through will not consume you. It will only bring you closer to God so He can reveal His purpose for your life.  

“Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal among you, which comes upon you for your testing, as though some strange thing were happening to you;” – I Peter 4:12

Saviela E. Thorne

Written by Saviela E. Thorne

Saviela is the author of "Seasons of a Woman's Life: Devotionals to Empower Women to Become Overcomers". She loves to encourage and empower women through her life experiences.

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AMEN My Jesus




Carol-Ann Fry

Alesia Christina Wong

Christy Escobar

Wat He likes comes true in ur life n not Wat u like!His will be done in my life forever,Amen.

Note to self


God’s promises are yes and amen

Faith Quiambao

Yeah. True

This sent a pop up AD.

Lynn Fortner Alford Dunning

Thank You! Gonna use it this weekend! Love you

Awesome article

Sasha Barker

Amen ☺

And there I was thinking it’d be problem free and God would just hand it to me great article.

Carla Gutierrez

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