5 Reasons You Are Probably Better Off Alone

smiling woman Most people either hate or fear being alone.  This may be because society often associates isolation to loneliness or being unwanted.  So people endure being with someone or in a group rather than being seen alone.

This notion can do more harm than good to an individual especially when choosing to be with the wrong set of people.

Here are 5 reasons why sometimes you are better off alone:

  • 1. You are better off alone because it makes you realize that you are enough.  You hold the key to your own happiness.  You do not seek approval or validation from someone else.  You realize that you may be flawed and imperfect but you have your strengths.  You learn to embrace your uniqueness and quirks.  You got your back, and that is enough.


  • 2. Your friends’ attitude, beliefs, and habits will rub off on you.  You’re lucky if all of your friends are successful, optimistic, and good influences.  Hanging out with them often can lift you higher.  In reality, most people we meet are exactly the opposite.  You may try to influence them and you may succeed.  Unfortunately, their influence could be stronger.  If you are not careful, you will adapt their personalities in the long run. You are better off alone than to be with the wrong company.


  • 3. Some relationships demand most of your time and energy.  These relationships will drain you until you are too exhausted to try other things.  You will miss important events and you will be constantly stressed.


  • 4. Alone time enables you to get in touch with your inner self.  Because of the noise of the outside world, you cannot hear what your body is telling you.  You will often neglect your own needs.  You are better off alone because you can give enough attention to the most important person in your life—yourself.


  • 5. Because sometimes we get too dependent on our loved ones that we forget that God is the source of our blessings and sometimes our loved ones become more of a distraction than our enemies. This is God’s way of  keeping us focused.

Even Jesus knows the value of isolation.  Though always surrounded and followed by a large crowd and his disciples, He made it a point to have some time alone.

He gets to commune with the Father more intimately and intensely during His alone time.  His goals are clearer to Him when He spends time all to Himself.  That made Him focused on His purpose and firmer in His faith.

Being alone does not always mean you are lonely.  There are people who feel miserable and lost in a crowd.  

Try to separate yourself from the group and experience the beauty of being alone.