God Will Meet You Where You Are

happy woman

The amazing thing about our God is that we don’t have to get a degree in Philosophy to understand Him.  We don’t have to prostrate ourselves and make sacrifices for Him to come into our lives.  He meets us where we are.

What is more incredible is that He is the one seeking us, knocking on our doors, and waiting for us to welcome Him in. 

In our sinfulness, we may choose to turn our backs from Him, run away from Him and hide, but His search for us is unceasing.  He will run after us until we are tired and finally surrender.

He is waiting and oh how patiently He waits for His child to come back home.  To give him a welcome party so epic it will come down to history.  To clothe him with His most expensive robe and give him His most comfortable sandals for his tired feet.  To spend a tremendous amount of his wealth to celebrate their reunion after a long agonizing separation.

He is more than just a just King and Ruler.  He is more than just a Maker.  He is first a loving, generous, caring Father.  A Father who forgives quickly and does not keep a record of His children’s sins.  He is in fact, a prodigal Father.  

He is a prodigal Father because He spends His ALL for all his children.  He gives without holding back; He gives His everything liberally, without questions or conditions.  He loves His children lavishly.

He does not mind bending low just to reach His children at their lowest.  He does not mind leaving His majestic throne to walk the muddy and dusty roads of the earth just to be with them.  He does not mind giving up His beauty for the unworthy.  He does not even mind death, just to give His children life everlasting.

Who can be more prodigal than that?