6 Helpful Tips For Surviving a Season Of Darkness

woman all alone

Ezekiel 37:1-14; The Dry Bones Live

Are you facing a time in your life where situations seem hopeless and the troubles you face seem to continue for too long?  

Are you surveying scattered bones around you in a valley, your hopes and dreams slain and left to dry up unburied on a battlefield? 

You are in the Valley of the Dry Bones and, fear not, there is a great hope and good news in this place.  

Here are 6 Helpful Tips For Surviving a Season Of Darkness:

1. Trust God

Firstly, know that God has set you down in the valley . 

Just as Ezekiel was brought to the Valley of the Dry Bones in a vision, believe that God has brought you to the valley that you are facing. 

God has a purpose for this situation, and he will lead you through it, but you must trust God to direct you .

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