The Danger of Comparing Ourselves to Others


There’s nothing ordinary about you. You’re different for a reason. God created you as you are in order to use you as He planned. 

The reason why we sometimes feel inadequate and unworthy is because #1 We compare ourselves to other people and #2 Because of shame. We have become ashamed of who we are because of our past; our mistakes, our shortcomings. We feel irrelevant and insignificant.  We belittle ourselves sometimes without us noticing it.

We feel ashamed if we don’t fit in; if we don’t speak the right words, if we don’t drive the right car, if we don’t wear the right clothes.

We feel unworthy because we don’t measure up to society’s opinion of who we should be. We keep playing the mistakes we have made in our past over and over again like an old movie.

We become our own judge and executioner which makes us hate ourselves even  more.

Our childhood may not have been perfect, and over the years people may not have treated us kindly. We blame ourselves for the abuse we may have had to endure because somehow we feel like we deserved it. Without realizing that the problem is not with us, but with those who have mistreated or abused us.

We define our self-worth according to the world’s opinion of us because we don’t believe our own voice.  Or more importantly, we don’t believe God’s word. 

We are great, phenomenal, amazing creatures that when the Lord created man, he said it was very good.

When you feel irrelevant and unworthy because the world taunts you try:

1. Getting involved in a community or group where people don’t judge you and look at your wrong but those who lift you higher.

2. Basking in God’s unconditional love, kindness and mercy.

3. Using your scars to help in the healing process of others.

You are extraordinary because an extraordinary God created you and loves you with all that He has.  He knows every sin you have committed and yet He still loves you unconditionally. 

If God can turn the sinful women in the Bible like Tamar and Bathsheba ancestors of His only Son Jesus, He can use you to make miracles happen.

He can make your seemingly boring and ordinary life amazing and extraordinary.

He will use your mess to send His beautiful message to His other children.

God never used the perfect people in the Bible to be His messenger of hope and good news.  He never used those who are famous for their out of this world talents.  He used the regular guys, with skills competent enough to deliver His work and faith even just as big as the mustard seed.

The next time you feel inadequate and unworthy, remember God loves you just the way you are, Flaws and all!