7 Reasons Why Looking Back Can Actually Help You Move Forward

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They say in order for you to move on, you need not look back because that is not where you are going.  You must look ahead in order to move forward.  The past is over and there is no reason for you to look back.

Those are all true.  But, visiting the past every now and then doesn’t mean you have to live there. Looking back is not all that bad.  Remembering the past has it’s benefits. It might sound crazy, but Looking Back Can Actually Help You Move Forward!

Here’s 7 Reasons Why Looking Back Can Actually Help You:

(1)  When you look back, you see how far you have gone, and seeing the distance from where you were to where you are now is encouraging.  Knowing that you have made a huge improvement by moving away from your unhealthy and toxic past will give you a sense of fulfillment.  It will make you want to keep pushing and never stop.

(2)  You need to forget some feelings but you need to remember the lessons that came with the experience.  Revisiting the past will remind you of how you managed to survive it and what brought you where you are.

(3)  In the daily hustle and bustle of life, it is easy to be caught up in the middle of life’s chaos and forget your purpose.  Looking back will remind you of why you are here in the first place and where exactly you are going.  It will give you a sense of direction.

(4)  When you look back, you get in touch with your inner self; who you were and what molded you to become who you are right now. Sometimes closure is needed. You can’t heal if you are not willing to even acknowledge a painful situation. That pain will just continue to manifest itself in other areas of your life.

(5)  Looking back is an opportunity to laugh at yourself.  All your boo boos in the past, all your wrong decisions that led you to the right one.  Those memories can all put a smile on your face when you’re over the bitterness.  It is especially fun to relive your past with friends who will not judge you for your mistakes.

(6)  You prevent history from repeating itself.  You prevent yourself from committing the same mistakes all over again because looking back will refresh your memory as to what it was you vowed to never do again.

(7)  When you look back, you may realize that you have let many opportunities pass you by. Maybe you did not say the words you should have said.  Because of that, you will grab every opportunity given to you. Now you know better.  All because your past reminds you of that. The purpose of reflection is not to throw a pity party or to send yourself on a guilt trip, but to learn from your difficulties and move on from them. 

It feels good to know how wise, strong, and independent you have become.  You will know that by looking back and comparing yourself now to your former self.  You have changed.  You should be proud of yourself.

Look back without the intention of dwelling in the past, but only so you can be reminded of the painful yet rewarding process of change and healing.

Go ahead and take a glimpse of what was, so you can be grateful for what is, and stay hopeful for what will be.