4 Signs That He Just Might Be The One


The other day I was thinking about some of the relationships I was in, that DIDN’T work out. One would think I wouldn’t have been so blinded by “love” to recognize these guys clearly weren’t “the one” for me. I guess in my case, it took meeting “the one” for me to recognize the difference from God writing my love story versus a bootleg script crafted by Yours Truly. Stevie is the one for me and I knew it since day 1. However, here are some things HE did along the way that confirmed we were meant to be. Is your man doing this? He just may be the one! Enjoy!

1. He’s dating you with a purpose: What do men mean when they say “Oh, we’re just hanging out”? Or how about “we’re getting to know each other and see where it goes”? Okay, you can do that as friends, but if you’re going to date do it with a purpose. Is marriage your goal? If not, time is being wasted and who really has time for that?

2. Your relationship is exclusive: Are people really okay with dating multiple people at a time? Sounds pretty dumb to me. How can you fully get to know a potential life partner, if your time and attention is divided? No mam, your relationship needs to be exclusive. If he wants you, he wants only you. That’s it, that’s all.

3. Family is a priority: Is he excited about taking you around his family? He should be. When a man finds a good woman, he wants to show you off to all of his family and friends. The most important people in his life MUST meet the most important woman in his life. Also, the same applies for your family. He should want to see the foundation that helped shape and make you the woman you are today.

4. He encourages transparency in your relationship: There were so many things I was embarrassed and ashamed of, that I would try to hide from Steve. It was so dumb, because he could care less about my gray eyelash or unruly eyebrows. He wanted me to be okay in every area: mentally, physically, spiritually, etc. Once I rested in this, the floodgates opened and I felt comfortable sharing EVERYTHING with him; my insecurities, my disappointments, my pain, etc.  It’s a beautiful thing to be open and transparent with the one who loves you, they help make it all better.