7 Ways To Pick Yourself Up When You’re Feeling Down


No matter how positive you try to be, inevitable problems may arise.  Your plans will not always go your way.  Or for some women, hormones will get in the way of a rather promising day or week.

You will feel lousy no matter how optimistic a person you are.  

Here are ways to counter that abysmal feeling and feel great any day.

Think happy thoughts

Peter Pan can fly with happy thoughts (plus fairy dust of course).  Your mood will improve and you will feel lighter when you think of happy memories.  It’s all in the mind.  So, the shift from feeling gloomy to feeling happy starts with making the mind shift.

Power dress  

Before you go out of the house, decide to look your best regardless of how you’re feeling inside.  It is not being pretentious.  It is helping yourself remember how great you are by looking your best.  When you look good on the outside, you trick your mind in a way in believing that you are okay. 

When you like what you see, you feel a little better.  Power dressing is important to have in the “I will conquer this day” attitude.  Power dressing gives you an extra boost of confidence.

You may feel lousy, but you don’t have to look like it.  So wear those killer shoes, dress up, and put on that red lipstick for a color of happiness on your face.

Eat healthy food  

When you are feeling down, it’s easy to turn into the usual comfort food—junk food!  Don’t do it.  It will only make you more dismal.  Fruits will actually make you feel better.  If you want to opt for a chocolate, choose the dark variety.  

Surround yourself with people who exude positivity  

You unconsciously absorb the energy of those around you.  Chances are, if you are feeling down you have been hanging out with skeptics, complainers, and faultfinders.   Step away for a while and go talk with people who focus on the good.  Talk with those who will encourage and motivate you.  Talk with those who can make you laugh and forget worrying.

Choose your music  

The music we listen to influences our mood.  So much like talking with someone, music sends out either good or bad vibes.

Stop worrying  

Remember that this too shall pass.  Remember that time when you had a bad day or a tough week, but you are still where you are right now.  You are still standing.  You are now stronger and better.  If you God delivered you from that experience, what makes you think that this time is going to be different?  

Your trial is temporary.  The glory that awaits you is forever.  Look at the victorious ending of your story.  Keep your eyes on the prize.

Sleep on it

Sleeping gives your brain a reboot.  Subconsciously, your mind will be working out a solution to whatever problem that is bothering you right now.  Whatever negative thought it is that makes you lousy, let your subconscious figure out a way to resolve it.  The cells in your body also regenerate in your sleep.  So if you’re feeling lousy, have a good sleep so you’ll look and feel refreshed upon waking up.