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It’s Hard Not To Worry When You’re Not Happy


Hello, Good afternoon. I’m 24-years old single mother, recently married. My husband & I have been married for a month and we’re already hitting rock bottom with finances playing a major part. He says I’m not doing enough financially but I’m trying and I only get paid once a month. He does help me with my daughter’s daycare from time to time but I don’t ask him for help with her, but he constantly insist so I just give in to his offer. Now that we’ve hit a financial snug, he’s blaming me and making me feel less of person because we’ve gotten behind on some bills. He says I barely romance him, but I’m always trying, but he declines and at times I ask what he would like to do but he just says nothing. I’m hurting because he won’t talk to me because he says he’s tired of not getting anything in return, but I do offer to do things for him, but it’s only so much I can do financially. I’ve been praying and leaving it in God’s hands, but it’s hard not to worry when you’re not happy in your own home. Please pray for my marriage.

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