Know The Story Behind The Story


We hate people judging us without knowing us personally or without finding out what really happened.  Yet we also fall into the sin of gossiping and measuring up other people according to our standards.

We don’t want people to condemn us for our mistakes, but we too don’t hesitate in concluding what kind of person another is based on their mistakes or even worse, based on what we heard about them.

It is sad that we have become one-sided.  We oppose the Golden Rule.  We struggle to resist the juicy details our friend or colleague is about to spill about someone else.  

When the temptation to judge, criticize and condescend arises, remember one thing: know the story behind the story.

More often than not, our assumption and impression about another person is wrong.  We only see that which meets the eye or whatever the other person wants to show us.  Hard to accept the truth but we only see what we want to see. Because the way we see others is sometimes an extension of how we see ourselves.  Hard to accept huh?

Know the story behind the story because for all you know, that person is also just a victim of circumstances.

Know the story behind the story because everybody has a story to tell.

Know the story behind the story because everybody deserves a second chance and deserves a benefit of the doubt.

Know the story behind the story because you are just as imperfect as everyone else.

If you think about it, Jesus did not even ask the adulterous woman what happened to her or if what everyone was accusing of her was true.  He did not even ask, “But isn’t adultery done by two people? Where is the man?”

No, Jesus did not even care about the woman’s past.  He cared more about the future that awaits her.

He was not concerned about her mistakes, her sins, and her weaknesses.  He was focused on her as a person—imperfect, but worthy of respect and second chance still.

He did not condemn her.  By His words He said “Neither do I condemn you.  Go and sin no more.”

He did not say “Sin no more and I will not condemn you.”  It is clearly the other way around.

If Jesus in all His perfection and worthiness did not judge despite knowing the story behind the story, who are we to judge one another?

Who are we to point out the log on each other’s eyes when we have our own speck to get rid of?

Before you judge, know the story behind the story.

Or better yet, be like Jesus.  Despite knowing the story, condemn not.  Instead, give hope and encouragement to the victim of gossip.

There’s a story behind every person. Often much more than the eyes can read. Think about that before you judge someone.