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My Husband Of 10 Years Has Asked Me To Get An Abortion


Prayer Request:

Hello Praying Women. I am in need of your prayers. My husband wants me to get an abortion. He says we are not financially able to care for a baby at this time and it’s true. But I feel like God won’t ever give us more than we can handle. I’m 3 months pregnant and he doesn’t like to talk about the baby at all even when my other kids ask him questions about the baby and are so happy about it. He’s starting to treat me so cold like I’m just a girlfriend not his wife.

I told him it must have been meant for us to have another baby because I was on birth control and still got pregnant, but he doesn’t believe I was on birth control and that I tried to get pregnant.

He has refused to go to any doctors appointments and is spending more and more time away from home. I’m scared because I think this is going to ruin my marriage. Things are really bad right now. How can a man of God treat his wife this way or better yet how can I stay married to a man who is okay with his wife getting an abortion?

Praying for this family. Any advice for this young lady?