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Praying For My Daughter To Honor Her Mother


Prayer request:

Praying for my estranged daughter Ashley to Honor her mother. She’s been a very disrespectful child to me since around the age of 12. Now that she’s grown NOTHING has changed. In fact it’s gotten worse. Praying for God to soften her heart as it is hardened towards me, her mother. Praying that God allows his angels to come into her dreams and chase her until her soul surrenders to God’s will. Praying that her family members and her friends who encourage her to be disrespectful to me and who laugh with her when she’s saying disrespectful things to me, that God would start to remove them out of her life. Praying that she will come to terms with asking me for forgiveness and have a mind to want to reconcile. Praying that God breaks all the strongholds that cover her mind, body, and soul…in Jesus name! Amen

Praying for this young lady. Any encouraging words or advice for her?