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My Mom Does Not Approve Of My Interracial Son


I’m writing for advice. I am in a situation I’d never thought I would be in. My relationship with my mom is slowly fading away. We used to be close, like sisters or best friends. It all started when I had an interracial relationship and became pregnant. I was engaged to be married to this man, but we decided to break it off because of all the trouble my family was causing the both of us. Even after ending the relationship, my mom still does not acknowledge my son as her grandson. She spoils my sister’s kids, talks about them all the time to her friends and family. She’s constantly taking pictures of them whenever I’m around, but she doesn’t even have a single photo of my son in her home or not even in her phone. She says that things will never be the same between us because I betrayed her. I knew she wasn’t ready to hear the truth, which is why I hid our relationship from her. It’s like she’s ashamed of my son. We can only come over when her friends are not around and even then, I have to ask to come around. She never invites me. I’m just tired of throwing myself on her and feeling like I’m begging her to love me and my son. My son is just a baby right now, but what happens when he is able to tell that grandma doesn’t really love him the way she loves her other grandkids. I know the bible says honor thy mother and father, but I’m ready to wash my hands with her at this point. What can I do to make this situation better? I want to honor God, but I want to protect my baby as well.

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