New Year, Same Great God

new year

Welcome to 2014! This is a brand New Year with the same great God. Every year people make New Year resolutions listing all the wonderful things they wish to accomplish, unfortunately most of those goals are set to the wayside before the first week of the year is complete. Thankfully all the great things God have in store for us still remain the same. The same wonderful things God wanted for you last year He still has for you this year and the years ahead: perfect health and strength, life of abundance, love, peace, long life, just to name a few. God’s New Year promises for us don’t fall to the wayside. The only way they’re not fulfilled is if we choose not to have faith and act on our faith. So I believe the best resolution for the New Year should be to TRUST God! Such as life, this year will have its share of highs and lows for you perhaps, but always keep faith in God. Fight to fulfill His promises for your life, don’t allow the enemy to rob you. So happy New Year to you and yours, I hope this is a wonderful 2014 for you!

Khara Campbell
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