When It’s Time To Change Your Circle


Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.”- 1 Corinthians 15:33

It is important to build lasting friendships.  Life is so much better when you know you have a support group who will catch you when life gets hard, and who will celebrate with you when you are on a high.

Not all friendships though are meant to last a lifetime.

This is hard to accept especially if you have grown and come a long way.  Having a friend means someone to share your life and memorable moments with.  It hurts when a friendship must end.

Though it is painful, there comes a time when we become distant with those who we were once so close with. 

You have outgrown them.  You had a great time doing things that made you happy at that moment, staying up late doing absolutely nothing, playing video games until your eyes hurt, and even cutting classes during your student life.

But right now, you have to be an adult and you choose to act like one while they choose to be stuck doing things that does not glorify God.  You choose to distant yourself from these friends not because you have changed, but because they didn’t.

Friendship is about sharing.  If you are the only one giving, sharing, and reaching out there is no point in continuing.  Friendship is a two way street.  Friendship is about meeting someone halfway.  If you are the only one making the effort to make the friendship work, it is not a friendship.  

If the other person is only there when the sun shines and disappears when it starts to rain.  These are friends who are only friends with you if they can get something in exchange of their time.  Don’t let users who pretend to be friends take up everything you have and leave you with nothing.  

Even with friends, raise your standards.  Be deliberate in choosing who you let into your life.  Guard your heart.

You deserve a loving, kind and nurturing relationship.  Don’t settle with mediocre or abusive relationships.  

Don’t be afraid to change your inner circle.  It’s part of growing up and becoming a better person.