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When the Woman is the Breadwinner


When it comes to relationships, I have the most horrible luck. It’s like I have something tattooed on my forehead that says “use me!”. Most of the men I’ve been in relationships with used me up and then when I figured it out and stop giving, they left. I’m a kind hearted person so if they needed it and I had it, I had no problem with helping them in any way I can. One of my ex boyfriends was physically abusive to me and would take my money. One was verbally abusive. He told me that I would never find anyone who would love me for me and that they would only want my money.

I had given up on love when I met a wonderful man 5 months ago and he recently just asked me to marry him. He is everything I asked God for. He’s a hard worker and treats me like I deserve to be treated. However, I am the breadwinner in the relationship. I absolutely have no problem with that, but here’s the problem… I suggested that we get a prenup agreement. He refuses to sign it. He says that if I don’t think we’re going to be together forever we shouldn’t get married. I’m not rich, but there are certain things I would like to protect in the event that we get divorced. I own a business, I own a home, and I would like to protect my assets. I have never been married before, but he has so why should I believe that divorce is not a possibility in our marriage? What should I do? Am I being unreasonable for wanting to get a prenup or Should I be concerned because my fiance doesn’t want to sign it?

God bless you all!

~Confused on what to do

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