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Why Am I So Jealous?

jealous girl

I’ve been making many internal changes to be able to live a life full of happiness. I’ve realized many things about myself that caused me to live a very “heavy” life, and those things, I have started to take lightly. Now I just have to shake that spirit of jealousy. I’m not a materialistic person, so I’m not one of those “keeping up with the Jones” types. My problem is being territorial over people in my life. I’m possessive. I tend to say things like “my grandma” instead of simply “grandma” while talking with cousins who also have the same grandmother. I was raised by her so I feel like she is mine because none of them where around her as much as me. When it comes to friends, I don’t really have many, but the few that I do have I don’t like to share. I realize that they might have other friends, but I like to feel like I’m such an amazing friend that they shouldn’t want to hang out with anyone else. When it comes to my love life, I don’t have a boyfriend at the time, but someone close to it. We can be having such a good time, enjoying each others company…but as soon as his phone rings and he makes it known that he is talking to another female, I instantly become uninterested in what was previously going on and send him away. I know that prayer changes things, so I’ve been praying about my issues. Now I’d like some advice on how to take these things more lightly, because I don’t want to push away people I love because I’m so jealous. Please pray for me as well, and I appreciate any feedback!

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