Why Was I Born In a Family Like This?

Dear Praying Women,

I have a problem! My family don’t include me and my daughter in none of the family events unless it’s Thanksgiving  or Christmas! My sister’s birthday is Monday and me and my daughter was the only ones not included to go out to dinner for her birthday!!!  But my mom want me to come to Christmas dinner but I don’t think I am going!!! I get tired of them doing me and my daughter like that!!! It’s like it don’t matter unless they think she’s dying or something! Because  she have Cancer, Congestive Heart Failure , and other health issues!!! I said that I am not going to her house for Christmas. I am just going to cook at home for us! I asked God why was I born in a family like this! Because I am not like them!!! I just need someone to talk to!!!

What you think I should do?


Written by The Praying Woman

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