8 Reasons Why God Allows Trials And Tribulations

Trials And Tribulations

We often hear Christians say things like I have been doing everything right. I have been fasting and praying, giving, loving my neighbor, obeying the Lord, reading Scripture daily, and walking faithfully with the Lord.

What did I do wrong?

Why has God allowed me to go through such hard times?

Does He not care about me? Am I saved?

If we are honest, we have all felt a little something like this.

Here is what I have learned on my walk of faith. Be on guard because when you’re asking all these questions and questioning God, Satan will try to attack. He will say “no He doesn’t love you. Look at those unbelievers who are not going through adversity, but you say Jesus Christ died for you, and yet you are going through the worst troubles of your life.” Don’t let the devil give you fear.

When your faith is shattered, the devil is the busiest. Don’t let him put you in despair and bitterness towards God. Don’t ever forget the other times God has delivered you because he will do it again.

The devil will try to say it was a coincidence, but with God there is no coincidence. Cry out to God. Block Satan off and always remember that we have victory in Christ.

I remember when I said why God, why this, and why that? God told me to wait for his timing. God has delivered me in the past, but when you are going through bad times all you’re thinking about is right now.

I’ve seen God use trials to build me up, answer different prayers, open doors, help others, and I’ve seen many miracles where I knew it was only God who could have done this.

While I was worrying, the Lord gave me comfort, encouragement, motivation, and He was working behind the scenes.

Always remember that He loves you and He reminds us time after time in His word that He will never forsake us.

Here are Reasons Why God Allows Trials And Tribulations…

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