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Maya is a Relationship Counselor and Certified Life Coach. She loves using her God given gifts to pour into the lives of others.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone Who is Depressed

1. "YOU'RE FINE."  The statement "You're fine" can sometimes be used as a way to let people know "It's all going to be okay." But the reality is, sometimes this just isn't the case. You just don't know if it's all actually going to be...

7 Simple Prayers to Pray Every Day

I used to think prayer was hard. It only counted, I thought, if I spent, oh, a half hour or more on my knees. It had to be focused, orderly and systematic. And, again, the longer the better. Boy was I wrong! Prayer is simply conversation...

3 Ways To Show Someone Love Even When You Don’t Agree With Their Sin

It takes a loving person to love others in spite of their differences.

When You’ve Been Hurt By The Church- 3 Things You Should Know

I recently read an article about one woman's experience with church hurt. The article itself brought a certain kind of pain to my heart. I must admit, I've been blessed; I've never had to deal with this issue so to know that this sort...

My Experience With ‘Mr. Christian Counterfeit’

The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for. Be vigilant and stay prayed up!

25 Bible Verses To Run To When You Feel Like Giving Up

Don't give the enemy the satisfaction of giving up . Here are 25 Bible Verses To Run To When You Feel Like Giving Up.

The Biggest Thing I’ve Learned When Christian Men Break Your Heart

I couldn’t believe it happened to me. My first heartbreak came from a man of God. He was actually the son of a preacher, with aspirations to lead his own flock one day. Out of all the silly, mediocre relationships I’d been in that...

5 Signs it Might be Time to End an Engagement

When God wants two hearts to meet, He moves both of them, not just one.

4 Signs You’re Venting vs. Gossiping

Venting and gossiping are both are equally common components of social groups. People who are in close proximity to one another sometimes develop problems with one another. Venting is when you get these problems off your chest by speaking about them to someone else. Gossiping, on...

5 Things That May Be Blocking God’s Work in You

Sometimes we have to free our hands of some things so that God can replace them with something better.