3 Things To Consider if You’re Waiting on Boaz

waiting for your boaz

1. What if a Boaz isn’t God’s best for you:

As I matured in my relationship with God by reading the Word for myself, I asked God one day “What if I don’t want a Boaz?”

I mean, all single Christian women aren’t Ruth or in a situation like the one Ruth was in when she met Boaz. Some of us are more like Lydia. Hannah. Or my personal favorite Deborah.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know any single, Christian woman who really desires marriage – especially if it’s for the right reasons – would love a man like Boaz. He was kind, a good boss, considerate, and very much the gentlemen.

And you know He knew the Lord because his mother – Rahab – probably wouldn’t let him forget what God had done for her. And did I mention he was rich?!

But what if God’s best for you is a man like Daniel or Lappidoth?

What if God has a Joshua or Caleb in mind for you?

And if you met a man who wife’d you after rapping to you like loverboy did Shulamite in the Song of Songs, are you really going to tell God “But I wanted a Boaz”? I don’t think so.

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Thank you for this message. sometimes the reason we dont want to turn to God is because we actually fear that perhaps maybe Boaz isnt His best for me. i have been there and its like you said after all the many efforts to get you a Boaz, you realise its time to just trust God and do some interesting thing in your life. pick up a challenge you have been dying to get through maybe a swimming lesson, just something that brings you happiness and before you know it, God will answer you. Trust the Lord.