40 Powerful Blessings to Pray Over Your Marriage


Marriage is a gift from God.  Yet often, the greatest gifts in life are not always cherished the way they should be.  Maybe because life gets a little busy, or we get hurried and distracted.  Maybe because we start to take one another for granted.  Or we disagree and let resentment hang on longer than it should.

The baggage we bring from our past doesn’t help much either.  What worked for us as two individuals, coping through the everyday stresses of life, may not work so well when joined as “one.”  We spin our wheels comparing our own marriage to someone else’s.  We long for brighter tomorrows, but instead get stuck, in regret and hurt.  We begin to drift away.  And sadly, many times, we start looking for the nearest door marked “Exit.”

There’s a battle over marriages today, and the enemy would love nothing more than to bring you down.

His aim is to destroy.  God’s aim is to build up.

But we have to ask ourselves one question… have we prayed?  I mean, really prayed, consistently, over time?

God promises in Isaiah 55:11 that His word will not return empty, without accomplishing great things.

There’s power in God’s Truth to bring forgiveness, healing, renewal, and restoration… no matter how bad things may seem. His reach is big.  His love is huge.  His grace covers all.

Here are 40 Powerful Blessings to Pray Over Your Marriage:

Dear God,

We praise you for your love and faithfulness.  We thank you for huge grace. We thank you that you give us the power to love well.  Thank you for my spouse.  Thank you for the gift of marriage.  Thank you that you’re for us; that you fight for us.  Thank you that you are Redeemer, and you have good in store.  We confess, some days, marriage gets tough, and we blow it – again.  We ask that you would make us more like you. Please fill our marriage and lives with truth and cover it with blessing. 

Lord, we pray for

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