7 Ways to Encourage Yourself When You’re Feeling Down

Feeling Down



You just received a nasty email from a coworker.

Your child has decided to do the opposite of everything you have instructed them to do.

The cashier checking you out gave you attitude for no apparent reason.

You log on to social media only to find a disrespectful comment about your character from a complete stranger.

Maybe you started off in a good mood but one little annoying bump in the road has your attitude plummeting faster than a crashing airplane. Whatever it is that has you feeling down, I’ve found several tactics that always help to lift my spirit.

Here are 7 Ways to Encourage Yourself When You’re Feeling Down…

1.) Help someone else.

When we are feeling down its hard not to make everything about us. But when we push through the negativity to offer someone else kindness it helps us to focus less on feeling negative and empowers us to plant seeds of the type of kindness we want to see more of around us.

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