Easy Like a Sunday Morning? … I Wish It Were That Simple

woman fed up

woman fed up

Do you remember that song Lionel Richie and the Commodores sang back in the late 70’s…”Easy Like a Sunday Morning?”

It is Sunday morning at the Predmore house, and like any other Sunday morning (or any morning for that matter), it is anything BUT easy.

There is the typical struggle to wake up 4 sleepyheads. There is the struggle to get in a little bible study and prayer amidst the noise of the television, kids arguing, and the dog barking.

Then comes the “gentle” reminders to please stay seated while eating your breakfast (apparently the morning memory span is about 30 seconds).

This is followed by combing tangles, debating with little ones over their church outfit (no son, you may not wear your soccer uniform), and about 20 reminders to “go brush your teeth.”

Then there is trying to share a make-up mirror with a teenager and get my hair dried without getting electrocuted because my husband is shaving at the same sink at the same time.

Loading the car is a another great adventure.  Of course, someone always has to run back in for their bible, or a jacket, or the car keys.

This offers opportunity for the dog to escape out the front door, which brings about squealing kids running down the sidewalk chasing a barking mound of fur until she is caught.

Sometimes, I leave my house feeling lucky to be alive! I will say again, Sunday mornings are anything but easy.

But then comes the reward…and what a sweet, sweet reward it is! There is nothing better to calm your chaotic, frustrated, exhausted soul than to enter into a church you love, lift your voice in praise and feel the Holy Spirit make His presence known to you. Then to sit in peaceful calmness and hear the Word of God, and let it penetrate your heart and mind.

How easy it is to say, “Here I am Lord! I really need to soak You in, to be filled with the inspiration that comes with Your word. I need to have my hope renewed and by soul restored. I really need your replenishing.” Oh how “easy” that is! Oh how glorious to meet Him in that place!

How marvelous it is to feel Him stir within your heart, and bring you that sense of peace that was lacking in the chaos of your morning.

How awesome it is to bow in prayer, dropping your heavy burdens at the feet of Jesus while totally trusting that He will pick up your load and carry it for you.

What a wonderful feeling to leave so much better than when you entered, fueled up to take on the rest of the week, ready to share His word and do His works. How incredible to exit that place of worship with an excited feeling of “How can I serve you, Lord?  What would You have me do for You this week?”

Sunday may not always be “easy”. Monday through Saturday may be just as hectic.  Our schedules get overbooked, our responsibilities sometimes seem overwhelming, but it is sure worth it to take some time with Jesus to recharge and refuel. Wherever you can meet Him, whenever you can meet Him, He will restore your soul.  Any time spent with Him makes life a little easier.