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How Long Must I Wait?

How Long Must I Wait?

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity in the heavens. -Ecclesiastes 3:1

I am so guilty of being impatient. I have probably asked the question, “How long must I wait,” so much that God wants to personally come down and tell me to hush child. I’m like the kid on a road trip that ask over and over, “how much longer” or “are we there yet!” Yes, I was that kid and I still am that adult. Just put me on a plane. I need to get there quick. 

But, have you ever experienced such with waiting on God’s timing. Have you ever asked or wondered, God, how long must I wait?

How long must I wait until I get the job?

How long must I wait until I get married?

How long must I wait until my health takes a turn for the better?

How long must I wait until this storm passes?

God, How long must I wait? 

I’ve struggle with this area of my life and honestly, I still have my days where I have to get myself together. I have to do a constant self and heart check. I have been guilty of witnessing my sisters in Christ/friends get married, have children, working their dream job, etc. to the point where I was so selfish in congratulating them because a part of me longed to be in their shoes.

I couldn’t help but wonder, God, how long must I wait?

God, when will it be my turn?

God, I always receive the wedding invitations in the mail, but what about me? How long must I wait?  

For me it was that very desire to get married. Then, the Holy Spirit so easily stated to me, “When did the “I Do” become more important than the “well done”? “ Talk about being floored and laid out!… Whew!

One of the most stressing and complicated things in life is to compare your season to someone else’s season. We cannot compare our season of snow to our sister’s season of sand. What does that mean? Simply this, there are seasons for everything. It’s beautifully written in Ecclesiastes 3. This is one area that was hardest for me to accept.

Whatever season of life that we are in, God will give us the proper equipment to not only endure but to rejoice in that season.

What would be the purpose of me walking on sand at the beach in a trench coach and snow boots or walking in 12inch snow with a swimsuit and flip flops? None.

However, time after time we jump ahead of God’s timing that leads us down a road that just simply does not make sense. Then we have the nerve to ask God what’s going on with our lives. All the while, it’s us being impatient and despising the word “wait”.

We so often take the word “wait” and associate it with “no,” never realizing that God has not necessarily said no.

Trust me, I know it’s so hard to wait for something that we have a strong desire for. I battled with this very issue for such a long time until I found myself praying one of the scariest yet most relieving prayers and that was…

“God, if I am desiring something that you do not have planned for me or something that does not align with Your will for my life, please strip that desire from me.”

Yes, it got that serious. The question, “When did the “I Do” become more important than the “well done”? “ put me in my place very quickly. Ultimately life is not about me. Do I believe God will give me the desires of my heart? Absolutely! Will He do the same for you? Absolutely!

However, I am more than willing to give up my desires here on earth to spend eternity with Jesus. As much as I desire marriage and family, I have settled in my heart that if God has called me to live a life of singleness, then I will do just that never compromising His Word.

My first I DO is to Christ! Finding this place of contentment has not been easy, but well needed and I am beyond grateful. Contentment is not just a destination but also a lifestyle.

I have learned that regardless of what season I face, whatever journey I go through, as long as I submit my life to Christ, I have all that I need and so much more.

Your waiting time is not wasted time. Stay the course, stay committed to Christ, and rest in knowing that God has your best interest at heart. After all, He created each of us.

Remember, there is a time for everything and a season for every activity in heaven and God’s will for your life is far greater than any plan we could ever create. In due time, you shall reap if you faint not. 

You are beautifully covered.