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Is My Husband Going Too Far?

disciplining children

My husband is the disciplinarian of our family. I respect him as head of our household and I trust that he would never do anything to hurt our children, but lately I’ve noticed that we have totally different ways of disciplining our children. I’m the understanding, rational, get down to the bottom of it, before I punish one. But him, He likes to hit them for every thing they do wrong or even say wrong. I’ll admit that sometimes it’s needed, but not all the time.

I don’t want my kids to be scared to come talk to me or scared to even form their own opinion and I feel like this is what it’s coming down to. My oldest daughter is 12 and this is the age I need for her to feel free to tell me anything, but she fears that I will tell her dad and she’ll get in trouble so she won’t talk to me.

I have tried to have this conversation with him, but His argument is that he was raised the same way and he turned out just fine. He says all the discipline he had as a kid made him a better person because he was scared of the consequences. I’m feeling helpless because I don’t want to go against my husband. I’m trying to be submissive, but I am really not liking the way he disciplines our children. In need of prayers. Has anyone ever had any experiences in this area? If so…any advice?

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