Keep Your Head Up

keep your head up

Colossians 3:2 – Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

Notice that when you walk around with your head looking down you pick up on so many things you usually miss. You see the cracks in the pavement, the misplaced dirt, the insects, and the weeds. You notice the slanted steps on a house or maybe just the brokenness in the area that you are in all around.

There are so many circumstances and situations that can easily distract your walk both physically and mentally and may even make you forget where you were going all along. But in this day with so much going on around us, God is simply saying “Look up”.

He did not plant the stars in your eyes or the vision in your heart for your focus to be placed on the ground. He did not call you his Queen or his King for you to forget that you walk in golden slippers called faith and are clothed in grace daily. You are not just a somebody, but you are somebody special, you are chosen!  When life seems so hard and the weight becomes almost unbearable, simply look up.

Notice how high up the sky is and how limitless you are in that moment. How your back seems to straighten and there is no sense of hesitation or loss of direction as your feet move to the destiny that has been predestined for your life. Do not look behind you there is nothing there that can benefit you that has not already done so. When we change our focus we hold the key to changing our outlook on life. Never doubt the spirit that God has placed in you to do things that are always pleasing in his sight. You have the navigation which is the Holy Spirit; learn to trust the driver which is you. You are on the right track, in this moment, in this trial, or sunshine in your life. You are not only where God knew you would be, but also where God has called you to be. Whether as a blessing, a lesson, or just a season, remember to just look up. The one who has called you to this era of life will guide you to the path that has awaited you all along.

Keep your head up!