Breakups and Heartache: There’s Always a Purpose in the Pain

Breakups and Heartache

I remember so clearly, a time when my heart was broken.  And boy do I mean broken! It was an awful time in my life. 

In my mind there was no way on God’s green earth that this man who’d professed his love for me over and over again for nearly a year and a half was suddenly walking out on me.  He had come on so strong and determined to acquire my love. 

From the very beginning he’d made it perfectly clear to everyone that knew us that I was going to be his wife.

But sadly in the late evening hours one October night, it was all over. It didn’t make any sense. Nothing added up whatsoever. Then to add insult to injury, he’d left me without an explanation. 

His decision to leave hit me like the shocking pain of an exposed nerve when a root canal is needed.  I cried for days and weeks on end. My conversations and writings were filled with him and how much I needed him. 

I asked myself over and over again, how could this be?  Didn’t I finally do it right? We never had sex. We were saving that for marriage. We planned to do things God’s way.  We went to church together every Sunday.  We prayed together.  We looked, walked and talked the part. 

So what did I miss? At the time I didn’t get it.  I couldn’t understand how something so seemingly perfect just fell apart like that.

A short time after the split, the Holy Spirit spoke to me one afternoon while I was sitting at work.  I heard Him tell me the reasons why He allowed the breaking of my relationship.  While the words were shocking, I accepted them and meditated on them for a long time afterwards. 

That day the Lord had revealed to me that I had placed that man of mine so high in my heart that I’d begun to idolize him. 

Without even realizing it, I had given him the throne of my heart. He lived there in my thoughts, emotions, and actions. That man was reigning over me and all along I didn’t have a clue. I had to learn the hard way.

We all know that if we put anything before God, we will lose it.  So, I lost the love of my life (or at the time whom I’d foolishly given the title to). Yet, in the middle of it all I gained a brand new perspective and uncovered my purpose in Christ Jesus.

Going through that life-changing experience made me feel as if I were so far from the person that I’d known myself to be. 

Through the remnants of a broken heart, I had started on a journey that would take me into another realm of life. This journey would bring me closer to God and into a season of blossoming. 

It was as if I had fallen from the top of a mountain into a deep valley, and I had to fight my way back to the top.

While I emerged from the heartache bearing the scar from the battle that I’d endured, I became stronger and wiser. 

I learned humility and the art of forgiveness.  Furthermore, I learned God’s Divine Order. 

I am eternally thankful that the Good Lord bestowed His mercy over me and allowed me to learn a lesson that took the children of Israel 40 years of wandering to acquire. 

Arrione Jones
Arrione Jones

Arrione Jones

Arrione is the author of “Voices in the Morning, Whispers of the Night”- a collection of heartfelt poems that depict the turmoil and triumphs of daily living through the eyes of a young woman.

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I can relate. I dated this guy who kept on telling me that he was going to marry me! I believed it trusted him and gave my heart totally to him despite that little small voice in my head telling me to take it slow. I found out at the beginning of this year that the woman he was calling his sister was actually his girlfriend and she was pregnant with his child. He married her when we were still dating telling me that he was going for his brothers wedding and i hopelessly believed. I actually paid for the… Read more »

Going thru this right now after 20 yrs it’s hard because we have 2 kids together and he is living a double life. I have faith god will guide me in the right direction. This is so hard for me right now knowing it’s someone else and I have asked him to walk away and he will not leave. Faith and prayer is all I have right now

Always Put God First In All Of Life’s Decisions!!! Act Like A Woman! Think Like A Man. Let Go Let God, Praying Always Thanking God For His Blessings And Forgiveness. Wait Patiently On The Lord and He Will See You Through In His Own Timing In Jesus Name.

Amen so powerful



I was heartbroken but after I contacted Robinson buckler my ex came back..robinsonbucler {@} gmail. com……………………

Jean Alayon

Thank you Jesus

Thank you for sharing. I did this previously. Almost did it again. But I’ve determined to keep God first. I have to…He has to put God first. If we don’t it won’t work. We say God is in the CENTER..not to the right..not to the left. If we don’t keep God between us, we fail. All 3 are involved. Jesus…is in our hearts. God is our center. The Holy Spirit is wrapped around us.

I can tell you that putting all your trust in the Lord and obeying and believing His Word will get you there.

Amen,that statement needed a amen!!!!!

I am going through this now. Thank you God for you chastise those you love. I nearly lost the true love of my life,holding on to a little “treasure box” I thought I had found.

Take heart Zandi Mbatha, God overcame the world, so shall you only if you put your trust in Him. If He did it for me, He surely will do it for you. Good luck…

When things started to go haywire just b4 my wedding (that never happened) i was so perplexed by the change in my ex-fiance and his family. I was in so much anguish that I was even unable to pray so would call on the Holy Spirit and my heart would automatically be drawn towards praying for a break up instead of improvements for the wedding. We called it off. In relatiation, the entire family slandered me. I’m still very hurt bcoz my love was sincere but it’s better than being stuck with a psychopath husband and controlling in-laws that would… Read more »

People give up to easily today. Thats what tv does. Npw do you love her or him? Really love them ???
Trust God for the right person and be understanding. Never be upset when the other person is upset . Put yourself in their place. Love One Another.

Yip….this is so true. This article provides reassurance that your plan may not always be answered with a yes but God’s plan is always best. It may seem easy but we just need to trust.

Going through this painful experience, this article clearly was meant me. Thanks for sharing

I lost my husband to cancer 2014. He was the true love of my life. He was 48. I took care of him for six months until his death. The hardest thing I’ve ever done. After two years , I met a man just like the one in this article. He professed his love for me and promised me a future. Then he left me. What I was so scared of happening … happened again. I don’t know how to get through this. I pray all the time. I don’t know who I grieve more for, my husband who died… Read more »

He isn’t the man GOD has for you that’s why

I know. Still so painful after having hope only for it to be ripped away again.

Lisa some men cant commit, there are couples retreats where singles are invited to help you. Wipe your feet daughter of zion and dont look back at the temporary, start looking through your scriptures and find a true friend to keep accountability. Your more special than a man who would run !!! Ask God what to do sit listen and continue to pray. God makes a way where there is no way. Enjoy the you God created you to be !!! And thats special !!!!

Powerful article. Thank you. I am still trying to find purpose in the pain even after God revealed the truth to me about what was happening in my marriage.

That’s why after seeing the mistakes I was making I purposefully stay away from men ….Genesis 2:18! GOD created marriage…meaning He has the right spouse that was predestined before the beginning of time for us if marriage is in our future. The enemy tells us to jump from person to person to try to make it work knowing full well IT IS A LIE!!!!

Praying to let go and let God it hurt rite now,but around my friends and family. And I pray for everyone that is hurting ,

Yes..Lord intervene…!

Thank you Jesus..

Thank you

Going thru this rn. The Lord has given and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the Lord

Lord u have spoken , I ask for direction as am abt t embark dis journey, dis article is also directed t me.

Love this. Really spoke to me. Love the word ‘blossoming’. Praise God that is happening in my life now !

very relevant to me as well.. Your sharing is worth it. God Bless

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