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Sophia Sunshine Vilceus is the author of “The Last Pew: Journeying Back to God’s Will After an Affair”, available on Amazon. She's a Christian Writer and English Educator currently based in Maryland.

A Prayer For Broken or Strained Relationships

If you have been rejected or are grieving the loss of a relationship, read this Prayer For Broken or Strained Relationships.

Praying for a Good, Godly Man

Never feel as though your desires are too petty to pray about. If it matters to you, it matters to God!

Why I May Not Go Home For The Holidays

If the Holidays often bring you some overwhelming emotions, like it does me, I encourage you to lift up this prayer...

Discernment vs. Fear- How to Distinguish The Two

One thing that I have become privy to is the fact that as I have gotten older, I have gained more inhibitions and have become more fearful. Because I know God, I realize  that I am never totally in control; however, in learning myself,...

Praying for Your Unsaved Friends

The Christian walk, if done correctly, is a mighty struggle. It shouldn’t be easy and free of tension and inner conflict. To be in this world and in His word and Will can and should be a challenge. We have to be constantly working...

Finding Purpose In All Things

If you are feeling low and discouraged, I encourage you to lift up this simple prayer and know it is all working for your good.

How to Make Peace With Your Painful Past

There are places in our minds that have the ability to leave us crippled if we are not intentional about giving them over to God in serious prayer.

Praying Beyond Our Imaginary Boundaries

I’m from New York. I’ve lived there for twenty-somewhat years. It’s the city that never sleeps. Never stops. For better or for worse, that’s ingrained in me. So though, I’ve been living in the sanctity of peaceful Maryland for the last 4.5 years, that...

Is “Cyber Comparison Complex” Taking Your Focus Off God?

If you’re anything like me, social media can more often than not lure you in. Before we know it, we have spent a good portion of our days (and nights) aimlessly scrolling through Newsfeeds and Timelines. We have mindlessly “liked” stories that frequently have...

A Thanksgiving Prayer

For some, the Holidays bring an influx of emotions. Emotions that have neatly stayed tucked away somewhere in our spirits and come protruding out of us at the first mention of “Jingle Bells” or the first sight of a nicely decorated Thanksgiving table. If...