Four Things To Remember When Your Faith is Shaken

faith is shaken

Four Things To Remember When Your Faith is Shaken

Has your faith ever been shaken to the point, you were on the verge of giving up?

I can surely testify to that. I found myself questioning if this what Christianity was really about— test and trials… and if it was, I wanted out IMMEDIATELY. I wanted to give up.

Needless to say, with God’s grace and love I did not give up. Instead, I rejoice as I see just how everything that happened to me has and continues to

work out for my good.

Just as He is working things out for my good, you can have faith that He is working them out for your good as well.

Here are 4 Things To Remember When Your Faith is Shaken…

1. Trusting God makes all the difference. 

There were many times that God supernaturally provided for me last year.

Have I struggled? Yes, but because I am His beloved daughter He always provides for me in His perfect timing; that’s what fathers do!

I learned that my source of help is not a man, a job, financial aid, or anything  else but my father in heaven.

This is true for all areas in our lives, not just finances. God is the provider of our strength, our love, our purpose, our hope, our peace, and so much more, all we have to do is believe and trust Him. 

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  1. When we are weak, Jesus is strongest in us. Even if you can’t feel Him, have faith that He IS with you through it all and will NEVER leave you. He will provide for your needs, but you must reach out, even in your pain for He works through others to help you through. And no, you don’t have to work for graces or blessings but do ask Him for them. Know that God forges you in perfection. . becoming a powerhouse! Giving of yourself, even in weakness, is extraordinarily healing and strengthening. ♡ Stay strong

  2. Hi Cousin,
    Sending you love and praying for Gods spirit to give you faith to pull through this dark period. He helped me through one of my darkest hour after my mama passed at 15 years of age. I thougt my life was over and I prayed hard and felt he wasn’t helping me because situation seem to be unchanged. Eventually it changed and I started soaring after being weighed down for what seem like forever. Psalm 55:22 Throw your burden on God, and he will sustain you. Psalm 57 in you my soul has taken refuge and in the shadow of your wing I shall take refuge until adversities pass over!

  3. My faith is so weakened and I find it very hard to believe it will work out cuz I been in the dark valley too long now and God is nowhere to be found. I’m deeply sadden and feel like I’m praying to myself. I’m hurting and it feels like he just doesn’t care.

    • At times it’s very hard to see the rainbow or the silver lining. I found asking other’s​to pray for me in the loneliest of times help. Ex when Dorcus (Tabitha) in the Bible died, it was the Saints that prayed for her life. Find a group of believers to help you. Ask God to reveal what it is your not hearing from Him, then ask Him to get you through this Valley. I pray you receive soon.

    • God is with you my Facebook friends no matter how hard the storm….there’s gonna be sunshine for us all …..keep the faith ..I am ….god is with us …sometimes we all go though different storms… comes on the morning……peace and strength to you …let’s pray for one another…….

  4. Kathy I couldn’t agree with you more it has been horrible for too long and we did nothing even wrong me and my father deserve the apology do you know how long we have waited and god still has not met our needs but does it for everyone else pastors who have treated me and others horribly what makes them better than us NOTHING

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