5 Ways to Create a Happier You

natural woman smiling

Have you noticed that some people who look happy on the outside are the main people who are unhappy with themselves and life period? That’s because no matter how much money you have, how great your relationship is… happiness is a choice. A choice that no one can make for you, but YOU!

Sometimes we often make it hard for ourselves to be happy, because we find it hard to let go of the things that make us sad!

From this day forward… Do not focus on what makes you feel bad. Remember, there are a lot of reasons to be happy and smile! 🙂

Granted, everyday will not be perfect, but there are ways to make the best of it and keep your joy.

Here’s 5 Ways to create a happier you:

Forgive more

Forgiveness releases you from the chains of your past.  Forgiveness frees you from the bad memories that keep you from being happy.  It opens the door to joy, hope and more blessings that you have been blocking by holding on to grudge.  It is okay and perfectly normal to be angry when someone offended you.  Holding on to anger longer than necessary is harmful to your body and spirit though.  Only forgiveness can erase the anger from your heart.

Forgive more because every day you interact with imperfect people.  They will hurt you intentionally or unintentionally all the time.  Be more forgiving and live a happy life.

Believe you are blessed  

Even the nonreligious agree that what you believe in you will attract.  If you believe that you will get misery, you will be surely miserable.  Believe that God has plans for you to prosper you and not to harm you.  Believe that goodness and mercy will follow you for the rest of your life.  Believe that good things will happen into your life and see miracles happen every day.  It all starts with believing.

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.

Create your fun  

Watch comedies.  Read funny anecdotes.  Talk to fun and witty people.  Go out there and do more of what makes you happy.  If you get a sense of euphoria when you travel, go ahead and pack your bag and leave.  If you get a high by dancing, or swimming, or just walking your dog in the afternoon, do more of that.  If coffee is your pick-me-up beverage, get your cup now!  Do what makes you happy and do it more often.

Serve the community  

Serving sounds like labor and boring work but it is not.  You get to meet more people who also want to affect the world—that is fun.  You get to experience new things that will keep you focused.  Distracting yourself from the same mundane routine you have is an excellent way to keep your adrenaline pumping.  When you serve the less fortunate, your eyes will be opened to the fact that you are more blessed than you think you are.  So, you will appreciate your life more and be happy about it.


Worship gives your soul an instant boost.  It brings you to a high place.  It gives you a glimpse of heaven.  When you worship, your spirit rests in the assurance that a Higher Power is in charge of your life.  When you know that you are being taken care of and that your needs are met, you fee content and happy.  When you worship, you rejoice and you lift yourself higher and opens your life to more blessings.  Worship cleanses you from the impurities of sins.  Who could be happier than a person with a pure heart could?

Happiness is an inside job.  Happiness will not come to you.  You need to create it.

Create your own happiness today.